The Rise of Android

By Nick DeLong On 10 Dec, 2012 At 08:25 AM | Mission: Main Featured, Misc | With 10 Comments

Even if the battle looked relatively close for a long time, Google and Android have been steadily emerging as the mobile operating system of choice for consumers and gadget hounds alike.  Celebrated for its wide-open customization and the fact that it could run on a toaster, Android is certainly a great product that is more than worthy of our wallets.

Supporting this information is another infographic that was sent to me this morning to share with all of you.  Its stats paint a very clear picture of Android’s rise to the top of the mobile market and its dominance over iOS and Windows Mobile.  Just take a look and see for yourselves; in every area but revenue from application purchases, Android is the clear victor.

Now, this isn’t to say that we here at Mission:Geek all agree that Android is number 1 in terms of quality (and we now know how I feel about blind brand loyalty), but these numbers don’t lie, folks.  The rise of Android indeed:

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