Equal Education, Unequal Pay: The Gender Wage Gap

By Nick DeLong On 9 Dec, 2012 At 07:35 PM | Mission: Main Featured, Misc | With 13 Comments

Kayla Evans, part of a team of researchers and designers, recently reached out to me with this little infographic to share with all of you.  The thought of the gender wage gap is not exactly the usual topic of discussion here at Mission:Geek, but I found this information to be both interesting and alarming.  To call the information herein – and the truth behind it – unfair is a massive understatement and quite disheartening, especially since there is a vast pool of talent and knowledge out there on both sides of the gender coin.

At any rate, here is the infographic for you to check out.  For more information, simply head on over to their website.

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  1. But what isn’t fine is the naked attempt by Tony Blair’s former lieutenants and supporters to rewrite history. The Blair/Brown poison was just that; Blair/Brown poison. It flowed both ways.

  2. Available from 0844 871 1516Apologies for returning to a topic which I think I mentioned in passing a few weeks ago, but . Professor Tony Wright, former Labour MP and now a candidate to join the board of IPSA, the eye-wateringly expensive regulator of MPs’ allowances, says: “What about differential pay? A lot of MPs have other jobs as well. Why not have different pay bands: those who are full-time, those who are part-time?”

  3. What I don’t buy is the notion that in turn we sceptics should desist from calling the people on your side “eco-fascists” and “Nazis.” Why? The Nazis were the progenitors of the modern green movement and eco-fascism is exactly what organisations like the EU, the US’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the current British government and the forthcoming Heath administration are trying to impose on their increasingly clued-up (and correspondingly sceptical) tax-paying, freedom-loving citizenry.

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  6. It seems to me that we have compelling evidence here that there is something exceedingly rotten in the state of our parliamentary democracy. Maybe Lord Deben’s and Yeo’s behaviour would not have looked quite so out-of-place were they 18th century Whigs. But surely not today. Aren’t we supposed to be living in a more accountable, transparent and honest age? Wasn’t one of the lessons learned from the MPs expenses scandal that our elected representatives must henceforward learn to act in the interests of the public they supposedly serve rather than appearing merely to feather their own nests?
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  8. Finally, lots of people have suggested I give the Wire a second chance – with one person pointing out that season four contains a damning portrait of a state-run American high school and could be interpreted as an argument for charter (free) schools – or, at any rate, granting taxpayer-funded schools more autonomy. So I think I’ll give that a whirl. Maybe David Simon’s politics aren’t as far away from mine as I imagined.
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  10. I also agreed with assegai that while Blair paraded his Christian belief he legislated against Christian belief. I would like to think a little more about durnovia’s suggestion that the Human Rights Act is contrary to EU human rights law, but I am sure sodit was on target in saying there is too much talk of rights and too little of responsibility.
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