Mega Man Perfect Harmony Features 4 Player Cooperative Play

By Evan Doiron On 19 Dec, 2011 At 04:14 PM | Mission: Gaming | With 0 Comment

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Well, I’m afraid the time has come to write an article about Mega Man. I tried to put it off for as long as possible. See, I’m a huge fan of the Mega Man series and I was afraid that once I wrote an article about it, I’d be opening up a flood gate that I would never be able to shut again. I was going to wait until a new title or some other big news popped up regarding Mega Man, but then I found this, and I couldn’t stop myself.

Mega Man Perfect Harmony is a fan made game by creator Rud that features up to four player cooperative play. There are going to be quite a few playable characters including Mega Man, Proto Man, Enker, Bass, and Roll. There are also quite a few of the old robot masters that appear to be playable. Rud claims that the game is the first in a series of four games that takes place between the classic and X series, about 50 years before Mega Man X is awakened. On his website Rud explains that the series aims to explain how peace is finally achieved by the classic series characters until X is unearthed, but I`m optimistically speculating that he will also use Perfect Harmony to bridge the gap between the two series. While it obviously wouldn`t be canon, I`d like to see what he comes up with.

The game is currently in development but there is a playable demo available for download. Head over to Rocks Clan to check it out. I`ll leave you guys with one of the trailers.


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