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By Nick DeLong On 1 May, 2014 At 11:18 PM | Categorized As Gaming, Main Featured, Music, Review | With No Comments
Stay Awhile and Listen

As a music loving, old school gaming lover of Japanese RPGs, it’s difficult to find something quite as unique and satisfying as The World is Square. Their folksy takes on this collection of JRPG tunes are at once relaxing and immensely nostalgic, lending themselves to plenty of gaming memories from my youth. On that point [...]

By Nick DeLong On 25 Apr, 2014 At 12:13 AM | Categorized As Gaming, Main Featured | With No Comments
Diablo-3-reaper-of-souls Cover

To say that the original launch of Diablo 3 was rocky would be overly generous. It was plagued with disconnection issues from the second the gates opened, frustrating all of the game’s early adopters (myself included) who just wanted to go murder things and collect fat stacks of loot. To make matters worse, the controversial [...]

By Nick DeLong On 30 Mar, 2014 At 11:48 PM | Categorized As Game Reviews, Gaming, Main Featured, Review | With No Comments
Yoshi's New Island - Cover

The core mechanic of (painfully) producing and tossing eggs is as fun as ever, and I found myself having a great time carefully aiming my throws for maximum coin grabbing carnage. It’s as simple as finding an enemy, swallowing the poor fool whole, and pushing the egg out of poor Yoshi’s seemingly elastic butt.

By Evan Doiron On 2 Mar, 2014 At 06:52 PM | Categorized As Gaming, Main Featured | With No Comments
Retro Collage

I love the experience of gaming. Becoming engrossed in the story and gameplay of a game is something I can’t put a value on. It goes for all media, really. Film, television, literature, comics – you can allow yourself to become completely immersed in any of these. Before you know it, you consider yourself a [...]

By Nick DeLong On 22 Feb, 2014 At 03:54 PM | Categorized As Gaming, Main Featured | With No Comments
FF7 Advent Children cloud

Final Fantasy VII is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in the JRPG universe. Those that love it (and there are many), love it with the kind of passion that should be reserved for their loved ones. When discussing something like its remake, there will of course be many perspectives on whether or not such [...]