The 2012 Comic Year in Review: Top Ten Hits and 6 Misses!

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The 2012 Comic Year in Review: Top Ten Hits and 6 Misses!

Hi true believers!  Well it has certainly been a good year to be a fan of comics.  There has been plenty of gold out there, and of course along with that have been some pretty bad moves in the comic world.  2012 has had lots of controversy and there have been many bold moves made by the industry.  Here are a few of the top hits and misses in my own humble opinion, and I’d love to hear yours as well.


1. Hawkeye gets a new series.  Not only does Hawkeye get a new series but it is fantastic!  Fraction and Aja, along with Pulido as a temp artist, have knocked it out of the park.  I love Hawkeye and am not sure what I expected it would be but this series has surprised the heck out of me.  5 issues in and there has not been a single bad issue to be had.

2. Great Pacific finally starts!  Joe Harris has been hyping this series forever and it is finally out.  Martin Morazzo has done a stellar job on art in the first two issues and Harris’ story is great.  This is a great non-cape comic and you should really check it out.

3. Alpha Flight cameos!  Even though Alpha Flight has not gotten their own series (see below) they have been spotted in X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men and Red Hulk (Rulk).  Certainly not forgotten and we can only hope for more appearances by the premier Canuck superhero team.  Northstar is even in the X-Men as one of the team so maybe others will find new gigs.  I especially loved in Wolverine and the X-Men how Sasquatch and Puck were both interviewing for teaching positions at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

4. Animal Man and Swamp Thing!  Both series continue to roll along and finally hooked up and crossed paths, only to separate.  Rot World has been lots of fun and despite some complaints by the impatient masses that it has gone on too long I have enjoyed it greatly.  The first dozen issues have been building up to the crossover and Rot World and the wait has been well worth it.  “Kneel before Grood” has to be one of the best lines of the year!

5. Wolverine and the X-Men!  This series has continues to impress.  With Aaron on story duty this series remains funny and filled with off the wall cameos and adventures.  Bradshaw on art duty outshines the others in my opinion, and it is always a treat to see issues he has worked on.

6. The Avengers movie!  Wow!  This movie knocked it off the planet.  Whedon be praised he did it!  I have nothing but praise for this movie and it surprised and entertained the heck out of me.  I am so looking forward to the sequel.

7. Jeff Lemiere on Justice League Dark!  Justice League Dark was fun with Milligan but Lemiere has been ruling it!  The cast has changed a bit and their adventures have gotten better and better as the series has been going on.  Mindwarp and Shade the Changing Man have left and the series feels much better for it.

8. Northstar gets married!  Screw 1 Million Moms and all the other hate groups.  Marvel had the nuts to have a gay marriage in their comics and comic diversity just got better for it.  There was so much press, good and bad, about this and I think it shows Marvel is ready to stand behind their artists and writers when it comes to better representing the fact we are in the 21st century.   A plus that Marvel used a member of Alpha Flight and the first to come out of the closet at that.

9. Announcements of upcoming movies!  Ant Man!  Guardians of the Galaxy- really who could have seen that coming?  The future looks bright for comic movies with these and others in the works and rumours of many others circulating.

10. DC diversity.  Despite some titles featuring minority characters being cut DC has also tried to present a more diverse cast and has gone outside the box.  Earth-2 Green Lantern is gay, there is a Muslim Green Lantern, even moves like making a new Princess of Gemworld series and having an overweight hero in Dial H for Hero are good attempts at different kinds of characters not defined by their diversity, but certainly “different” from the typical hetero white male comic book hero.


1. Before Watchmen!  Some of the titles have been rather good, while others have been tanking.  Regardless, the delay-filled release dates for the titles have people waiting and waiting for their fix and making me care less and less about stuff I read months ago that I am still waiting for.   Kudos for the very controversial attempt, but if you can’t get the comics out on time then why try?

2. Avengers v X-Men.  This cross-over spanned too many titles that solely focused on A v X.  Not reading everything was not necessary, but at times I felt lost by not doing so.  Really this event was not worth the hype, not to say that it was terrible, but at the end of the day what changed?  Who will stay dead?  Will Cyclops be forgiven?  Knowing Marvel most of the big changes will be reversed or ignored and I’ll feel even more cheated by something I was so psyched for.

3. Still no on-going Alpha Flight series!  Grumble, grumble.  We need some Canadian content yo!  I was at Fan-Expo in 2010 when it was announced that AF would be getting an ongoing series, but a few weeks later Marvel rescinded this decision and I’m still waiting for them to change their minds.

4. Rulk?  What the @#$% happened to Red Hulk?  One month everything was cool and great and Eaglesham, one of my favourite artists, was drawing for the comic and then BAM!  Out of nowhere it changed to Red She-Hulk.  Really?  Who cares?  I was just starting to enjoy Rulk and then the series totally changed…except for the numbering.

5. The fate of Broo.  One of my favourite characters was shot in the head and now only routinely mentioned and often ignored as he lingers in hospital.  Is he going to die? Dead or alive address it and move on, but don’t forget the little alien *sniffle*.

6. DC’s treatment of staff.  How cool is it to fire someone by email?  Well let’s just say that Gail Simone responded to it much better than I would have.  Taking someone off a series that is doing well because of editorial issues seems nuts to me and has happened to more than one.  Maybe the editors are the problem?

Well let’s hope that 2013 is just as fun comic-wise as 2012 was.  What were your top hits and misses of the year?

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  1. Mark says:

    Good article as normal….agree with most…haven’t read Great Pacific…probably won’t as it sounds too much like real life…got to say I did get bored of Animal Man and Swamp Thing tho….AND YES!! W T H happened to Rulk!! sigh

  2. Eugene Seber says:

    Joyful to become here

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