See the Iconic Comic Costume in The Wolverine on Blu-Ray

By Nick DeLong On 20 Nov, 2013 At 09:05 PM | Mission: Comics, Entertainment | With 5 Comments

While opinions might be mixed on his latest movie, there are very few who could argue against the fact that Hugh Jackman was absolutely born to play the role of everyone’s favorite Canucklehead super hero, Wolverine. Personally, I always wondered how his classic costume would look when translated to film, but didn’t think I’d ever have a chance to see for myself. Typically, a lot of what works about super hero costumes in comics would be hard to translate to film without looking seriously goofy, but this is one outfit I was always curious about.

As luck would have it, The Wolverine’s blu ray release, hitting shelves on December 3, will feature a brief deleted scene where Jackman’s Logan is gifted the iconic outfit. It’s very doubtful that he’ll don his signature tights for the scene, but it nonetheless looks absolutely badass and makes me hopeful that we’ll see a classic Wolverine in the upcoming sequel.

Seriously… Check this thing out!

That looks DAMN COOL! I’m sure Jackman would do it great justice as well, so keep your claws crossed for it to appear in a movie starring Wolverine soon.

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