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By Nick DeLong On 3 Dec, 2013 At 03:56 AM | Categorized As Comics, Main Featured | With No Comments
The Movement fight

As someone that’s relatively new to comics, the hunt for something new to read has been a huge part of the fun. I love listening to people’s picks as I browse around my local shops, and have amassed quite the collection of super-heroic tales in the short time I’ve been invested in this hobby. Of [...]

By Nick DeLong On 20 Nov, 2013 At 09:05 PM | Categorized As Comics, Entertainment | With 5 Comments
The Wolverine

While opinions might be mixed on his latest movie, there are very few who could argue against the fact that Hugh Jackman was absolutely born to play the role of everyone’s favorite Canucklehead super hero, Wolverine. Personally, I always wondered how his classic costume would look when translated to film, but didn’t think I’d ever [...]

By Trent Seely On 24 Jun, 2013 At 11:49 PM | Categorized As Comics, Entertainment, Main Featured, Review, Superhero | With 6 Comments

He can’t fly, but he can leap over tall buildings. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an excellent Superman film. The original 1978 flick and its sequel Superman II, both starring Christopher Reeve as the iconic hero, remain classics but the past thirty years have not been kind to his legacy. Superman III [...]

By Kale Harding On 13 Dec, 2012 At 04:18 PM | Categorized As Comics, Main Featured, Review | With 2 Comments

The 2012 Comic Year in Review: Top Ten Hits and 6 Misses! Hi true believers!  Well it has certainly been a good year to be a fan of comics.  There has been plenty of gold out there, and of course along with that have been some pretty bad moves in the comic world.  2012 has [...]

By Kale Harding On 29 Nov, 2012 At 04:08 PM | Categorized As Comics, Main Featured, Review | With 2 Comments
New Avengers 34

The end of an era!  With New Avengers and other Avenger titles ending and restarting with the Marvel Now focus New Avengers #34 is not a good jumping on point for a new reader, but well worth looking into.  Bendis’s run on the Avengers titles has been very controversial, but as a long time Avengers [...]